See behind the scenes…

…of one of the world’s most influential bands

Go behind the scenes of the success of one of the country’s most iconic bands, Midnight Oil. The exhibition, which is nationally acclaimed, celebrates the “power and the passion,” of the band, and is an exclusive exhibit to the Noosa Regional Gallery in Queensland. The band, who was an inspiration on an international stage across a period of 40 years, has its own archives, combined with both private and public collections that tell a tale of social influence and historic culture.

Items on display include stage props, lyrics that are hand written, instruments, protest banners, photographs and even exclusive footage and unreleased music, including some of the band’s own home movies. The highlight of the event is expected to be the never before seen film montage by David Bradbury, an award winning director. The montage features the Oils performing at the Tanelorn Festival in Stroud, NSW, in 1981. The band’s drummer, Rob Hirst, collaborates on the exhibition with Manly Art Gallery & Museum’s Ross Heathcote. The exhibition is designed by Wendy Osmond.

Go behind the scenes with the curator’s guided tour with Rob Hirst, or take part in a song-writing workshop with Sean Sennett, while children join the fascinating instrument making workshops. The event, with activities for all ages, will be shown from now until 20 November.  Full exhibition details here

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