It’s hard to imagine a time before Noosa became a premier holiday destination. But in many ways this reputation for tourism and natural beauty is only relatively recent.

Long before Noosa became synonymous with surf, sand, sea and relaxation it was a gateway to gold mining, a thriving timber region, and so much more.

So, let’s turn back the pages of time and enjoy a slice of Noosa history…

Indigenous past

Centuries before Europeans discovered the potential of Noosa in the 1800s, the Gubbi Gubbi people were regular visitors to the area with a history in the region that dates back an estimated 30,000 years.

They also gave the township its name, with Noosa meaning “shade” or “shadows, possibly in reference to the area’s abundance of tall trees.

First Europeans

The first Europeans to really discover the region were believed to be escaped convicts from Brisbane and shipwreck survivors in the 1820s.

Stories abound of these white people being readily welcomed by the resident Aboriginals and even absorbed into their culture, but it wasn’t until 1863 and that the potential of the area as a township began to be fully explored.

Tewantin and timber

By the 1860s, the greater Noosa area had been identified as a promising site for timber felling and milling. That gave rise to mills at places like Lake Cootharaba and later Tewantin, and saw the Noosa River used for shipping.

By 1871, Tewantin had been surveyed as a settlement site and the township began to take shape. Four years later the town had its first hotel and telegraph access.

Gold in Gympie

The discovery of gold in Gympie saw much of the Noosa hinterland become established, with Tewantin one of the favoured ports for shipping.

Faster access to Gympie was also the reason the Noosa Road was first constructed in 1870, offering a less torturous route from Brisbane to the gold fields.

Meanwhile, townships like Pomona, Eumundi, and Cooroy began to spring up, further spurred on by the arrival of the railway between 1889 and 1891. In fact, the line between Cooroy and Yandina offered the final link between Brisbane and Cairns.

Noosa main beach

Although the area upriver of Noosa was taking shape rapidly, it wasn’t until 1882 that the first boarding house was constructed in Noosa proper. That building still stands today as Halse Lodge, and as Noosa Libraries explains, is one of the few sites in south east Queensland that have been operating continuously as a seaside guest house since the late 19th century.

A few other guesthouses were also built, while a banana plantation took shape on the hill. By 1927 Noosa had its own surf club and in the ‘30s shops were opening up on Hastings Street.

Then in 1943, a recreation centre was established for soldiers on the beachside of Hastings Street.

By 1950 sandmining threatened the future of Noosa Main Beach. The idea was subsequently thwarted by resident protests and Council. Meanwhile, the town continued on as a “sleepy village” until it steadily gained a reputation for stellar surfing.

“Noosa was largely unheard of at the start of the 1960s, but by the end of the decade it was a real mecca for surfers, and featured in movies and magazines, with a worldwide reputation,” retired journalist and former Noosa resident Stuart Scott told the Sunshine Coast Daily.

In the years since Noosa has established itself as an iconic tourism destination, renowned for its National Park, beautiful village feel, and commitment to conservation.

That’s in no small part due to the residents who have battled to maintain its beauty, limit the height of development and keep features like Noosa’s parks accessible to all.

About Noosa Quays

Noosa Quays is a premium Noosa accommodation provider, offering deluxe apartments on the Noosa Sound waterfront.

Located within easy reach of Hastings Street, Noosa River, the Noosa beaches and all the dining and activities on offer, it’s a destination that’s centrally located and easily reached.

One of the great things that sees people return to Noosa time and again is that it’s a destination for all. Part romantic retreat, and part beach getaway, it’s also a family-friendly location that warmly welcomes children of all ages and offers activities for kids big and small.

If you’re considering a family holiday, here’s a quick snapshot of family-friendly Noosa.


Think Noosa and the beaches immediately spring to mind. Families of all ages are spoiled for choice when it comes to patrolled beaches that suit the youngest water lover and the seasoned surfer alike.

For young families nothing beats Main Beach where the waves gently lap the sand, and tiny tots can get their first taste of sandcastles, salty water and sea air.

Just around the headland, Sunshine Beach offers the feel of a quintessential seaside village, featuring rolling waves and the safety of dedicated lifeguards, while a little further south Peregian offers a beachside enclave of restaurants, a skate park, playground and shops just metres from the sand of a patrolled beach.


You could feasibly spend an entire holiday experiencing an almost endless list of fabulous children’s playgrounds in Noosa. And it’s a tough choice as to which one is best.

Among the contenders is the Pirate Park at Noosa River. Here a riverside parkland offers bike trails, walking paths and picnic spots set against the glittering beauty of the Noosa River. Renowned as a favoured destination for local families, it culminates in a large and popular playground set almost on the water’s edge.

Noosa Heads also features a waterside playground overlooking the canal, where families spend lazy mornings and afternoons dipping their toes in the calm waters, and conquering the adventure of the swings, slides and climbing fort.

In between there’s Quamby Place, which features another excellent playground overlooking the river. Adjacent are some of the region’s finest restaurants making this an ideal spot to relax for lunch watching on as the children play.


From kayaking and stand-up paddle boarding on the river to surfing schools, and ferry rides, there are a wealth of activities to keep families of all ages enthralled and entertained.

The Noosa River is on your doorstep at Noosa Quays and is the prime site for boating, sailing, paddle boarding and kayaking with local vendors offering the opportunity to hire an array of watercraft.

There’s also a variety of tours departing the river, including eco-tours of the Noosa Everglades, fast paced jet boat adventures into the open water, and of course the Noosa Ferry which services the river with multiple stops between Tewantin and Noosa Heads.

Meanwhile surf schools are located along the Noosa spit, and for a more relaxed activity there are a wealth of markets in the region each weekend where families can enjoy great food, entertainment and kids’ activities like face painting.

Back to nature

If your ideal family holiday involves getting back to nature, Noosa has a wealth of options to suit.

From walks through the national park at Noosa Heads to bike riding by the beach or along the river, there are ample opportunities to enjoy outdoor activities as a family, encountering some stunning sites and experiences along the way.

About Noosa Quays

Noosa Quays is a premium Noosa accommodation provider, offering deluxe apartments on the waterfront at Noosa Sound.

With the sand and riverfront at its doorstep and watercraft like kayaks and paddleboards available, it’s also located within easy reach of Hastings Street, Noosa River, the Noosa beaches and all the dining and activities on offer.

Far from the catwalks of Melbourne and the cosmopolitan vibe of Sydney, Noosa features a take on fashion that captures all the upmarket laid-back chic of its popular holiday reputation.

Like the natural beauty that frames the Noosa region, the fashion scene is part casual, part class, and entirely captivating any time of year.

If you’re looking to step into the quintessential style of coastal Queensland, here’s a guide to the hottest fashion spots in Noosa.

Hastings Street

Hastings Street at Noosa Heads sets the tone of fashion throughout the stylish region.

On Hastings Street, upmarket brands sit shoulder to shoulder with independent boutiques in a shopping strip that offers everything from designer labels to up-and-coming brands and must-have tropical attire.

In this beachside retail precinct, fashion retailers cater to both men and women and even accommodate little Miss and Little Master, but most importantly the labels and brands reflect the chic, yet casual attitude for which Noosa is renowned.

The Junction

Just over the hill, Noosa Junction has carved out a reputation for one-of-a-kind boutiques where local designers and retailers showcase their Noosa style and the latest trends.

Here, eco-friendly bamboo clothing shops and designer brands share prime position, while beach chic also gets a nod alongside the latest bikinis and boardshorts.

The best thing about the junction is it always delivers the unexpected. From upcycled designer labels to budget-friendly casual wear and independent boutiques, there’s plenty of fashion to choose from, and chances are it’s one of a kind.

Gympie Terrace at the River

Nestled amongst thriving coffee shops, buzzing eateries and a generally laid-back vibe, Gympie Terrace on the river at Noosaville is a true fashion-lover’s delight.

This river-side enclave is a hub for boutiques that range from designer outlets to bohemian offerings and beach classic designs.

This is a precinct where a stroll along the strip can yield anything from footwear to funky jewellery and the latest fashion attire. It’s vibrant, yet chic and offers a true Noosa style.

Eumundi Markets

If you’re looking for a one-off design or to meet true fashion makers in their element, then there’s no going past the twice-weekly markets at Eumundi.

This nationally renowned marketplace is where many local artisans get their start and fashion is one of the best-represented offerings.

From innovative recycled clothing to alternative dresses and fresh new designs, here you’ll experience fashion on a whole new creative level.

The markets run each Wednesday and Saturday and are a haven for talented young designers looking to make their mark.

About Noosa Quays

Located within walking distance of the Noosa River, Noosa Quays is a premium Noosa accommodation provider, offering deluxe apartments on the waterfront at Noosa Sound.

Within easy reach of Hastings Street, Noosa River, the Noosa beaches and all the dining and activities on offer, it’s a destination that’s centrally located and easily reached.

Noosa is gearing up for a smorgasbord of culture and creativity when the Noosa Alive returns to the region on Friday, July 19.

Running over 10 days, Noosa Alive features some of Australia’s premier artists and performers, all showcased against the picturesque backdrop of one of the country’s favourite tourist destinations.

Here’s what’s in store at Noosa Alive, 2019…

10 days of arts and culture

With a history that dates back almost 20 years, Noosa Alive is designed to highlight some of Australia’s finest culture and arts over 10 action-packed days.

From performances to art exhibitions, intimate music acts, comedy sketches and talks, the event features theatre, literature, music, dance, film, visual arts, cuisine and barrier-breaking forums.

This year’s line-up includes performances by Queensland Ballet, musician Tim Freedman of the Whitlams, comedy duo the Umbilical Brothers, GANZA Capella, Modern Maori Quartet, a one-act play festival, plus so much more.

The performance line-up will be complemented by speaking events, fine food and informative workshops, including lunch with veteran journalist Kerry O’Brien at View by Matt Golinski, a writer’s workshop at the Noosa Library, and a Slow Food with Film evening.

Meanwhile, the whole family can be part of the action on Saturday, July 20 when Noosa Alive hosts food stalls, fun and entertainment at the Lions Park on Gympie Terrace, in a family afternoon event which culminates in fireworks at 6pm.

Noosa Alive history

The Noosa Alive festival has a history dating back almost 20 years after a group of talented artists decided the region needed a cultural festival.

The first event was staged in 2002, with prominent Australian playwright David Williamson, author Kristin Williamson, internationally renowned violinist Brett Dean, environmental activist Dr Michael Gloster, restaurateur Leonie Palmer-Fisher together with Rick Clayton and Ros McCauley the major instigators of the festival.

Over the years it has evolved to become one of Queensland’s finest cultural festivals drawing thousands of people to the Sunshine Coast to experience the best of drama, cabaret, dance, theatre, music, literature, visual arts and more.

Major venues

Events and performances are hosted across the Noosa region, with major venues including the J theatre at Noosa Junction, Noosa Arts Theatre at Weyba Road, Noosa Library, and Noosa Regional Gallery.

More information about this year’s line-up and venues is available at

About Noosa Quays

Noosa Quays is a premium Noosa accommodation provider, offering deluxe apartments on the waterfront at Noosa Sound.

Situated within easy reach of Hastings Street, Noosa River, the Noosa beaches and all the dining and activities on offer, it’s a destination that’s centrally located and easily reached.

Noosa Quays shares the region’s passion for arts, culture and entertainment and is perfectly positioned to enjoy all the excitement, culture and intrigue of this year’s Noosa Alive festival, with the Noosa Arts Theatre and Hastings Street just a stroll away.

Is city life getting you down? The prospect of a long winter ahead chill you to your bones? Or do you just fancy a little rest and relaxation to recharge those near-spent batteries? It’s time for an escape to Noosa.

Whatever your preferred escape style, we’ve got you covered with our top suggestions for a long weekend road trip that won’t break the bank, doesn’t require a passport and is destined to deliver all your favoured activities when it comes to a weekend reprieve.

Rest and Relaxation

As any Noosa resident will be more than happy to explain, this is a region that takes relaxation to a new and sublime next level.

Come Friday afternoon, slip into something more comfortable and savour some cocktails on Hasting’s Street. Stroll the beach late Saturday morning and tuck into a surf club breakfast. Then treat yourself to the full relaxation experience at any number of upmarket day spas.

Now we’ve got those knots ironed out, sample some fine food at Sunshine Beach and spend Sunday curled up with a good book. You’ll feel a million miles from the stress of the real world, but you’re less than two hours from Brisbane.

Surf’s up

Right about now (and pretty much any time of year) Noosa is serving up its ever-dependable swell, so strap that surfboard to those roof racks and ready to hit the road.

If it’s not pumping at First Point, it will be at Sunshine, or alternatively, go stand-up on the river from our doorstep. Regardless of where your water-loving ways take you, the combination of nature and the pristine ocean is more than enough to satiate any salty dog’s soul.

Shopper’s Paradise

Have the credit card at the ready and some cold hard cash in reserve, Noosa might not be a mecca, but it’s got some serious retail credentials.

Luxury brands abound on Hasting’s Street, Noosa Junction and Gympie Terrace are all about boutiques, and if you’re looking for some artisan offerings, there’s no going past Eumundi. We’ve got a quick retail fast fact to add here, the Eumundi Markets each Saturday and Wednesday happen to be the biggest and best in Australia.

Meanwhile, if your credit limit extends past Saturday, there are further Sunday markets at Noosa Marina and perfect local produce on sale at the famous Farmer’s Markets.

Family Friendly

From the beach to the national park and the river, there’s plenty to keep the family entertained over a long weekend in Noosa.

Our top picks for family-focused activities include Noosa Main Beach any day and any season, the parks of Noosa River, a cruise on the Noosa Ferry, any number of family-friendly restaurants and some fauna-spotting adventures in the region’s plentiful national parks.

Oh, and you’re more than welcome to stay with us

Noosa Quays is a premium Noosa accommodation provider, offering deluxe apartments on the waterfront of Noosa Sound.

Located within easy reach of Hastings Street, Noosa River, the Noosa beaches and all the dining and activities on offer, it’s a destination that’s centrally located and easily reached.

Noosa Food and Wine Festival to serve up a mouthwatering four-day event

Each year the Noosa Food and Wine Festival serves up an appetising array of food, wine, live music and cooking demonstrations against the specular backdrop of one of the nation’s most picturesque destinations.

It’s a mouthwatering four-day event that sees the country’s finest chefs in attendance with the nation’s best produce at their fingertips in celebration of the region’s enduring love affair with food.

This year’s event promises to be bigger and better than ever before, encompassing the beachfront, the best local restaurants, celebrity chefs, fine wine, fabulous food and the upmarket ambience for which Noosa is renowned.

Four flavoursome days

Running from May 16 to May 19, the Noosa Food and Wine Festival is a foray into the finer things in life and attracts ardent food enthusiasts from across the nation.

The annual event sees an entire pop-up village established in central Noosa dedicated to tastings, cooking demonstrations and food and wine-focused experiences.

Meanwhile, the region’s renowned restaurants and most stunning natural locations play host to everything from beachside brunches to satiating lunches and carefully crafted dinners created by some of the country’s most acclaimed chefs.

There’s a focus on local offerings and regional produce along with representation from some of the world’s biggest names in wine, beer and the culinary realm.

The finest dining experiences

World famous Noosa Main Beach and a host of acclaimed local restaurants all feature sensational dining experiences across the four days.

With the sand beneath your toes, the Pacific Ocean as a backdrop and the vibrant green of the Noosa National Park framing the view, Noosa Main Beach hosts a series of events, commencing with an opening party at sunset on May 16 and concluding with the popular Beach Sundowner event on May 19.

The nation’s best chefs

As guests relax at the beach, the nation’s finest chefs and most famous winemakers will be hard at work, taking over the kitchens and wine cellars of some of the most well-known local restaurants to showcase their skills.

Meanwhile, at Festival Village further, famous chefs will be offering an insight into their culinary expertise with demonstrations and cooking masterclasses.

Big names at this year’s event include the likes of Neil Perry, Matt Golinski, Matt Preston, Adriano Zumbo, and many, many more.

A festival feel

The Festival Village will offer a hub for most of the beer and wine tastings along with food experiences that see chefs and local food producers teaming up.

Festival Village features a range of areas and experiences including a River Lounge, the Drinks Lounge and an exclusive VIP lounge.

Black tie affairs

This year sees a new event feature in the line-up as Moet & Chandon celebrates their 150th anniversary. Known as Noir Noosa, the event will see Hastings Street transformed into a glamorous and theatrical celebration for a black-tie Gala Dinner spanning appetisers and a four-course menu.

The Noosa Food and Wine Festival commences on May 16 and runs until May 20, with tickets and a full guide to events available here

About Noosa Quays

Located within walking distance of the Noosa Food and Wine Festival, Noosa Quays is a premium Noosa accommodation provider, offering deluxe apartments on the waterfront at Noosa Sound.

Within easy reach of Hastings Street, Noosa River, the Noosa beaches and all the dining and activities on offer, it’s a destination that’s centrally located and easily reached.

You can learn more about Noosa Quays or make a booking here.

28th annual Festival of Surfing set to be swell

The surf’s up and anticipation are building as Noosa readies to host the iconic event that is the annual Festival of Surfing that’s now on!

Running from March 2 until March 10, this internationally renowned surf festival attracts around 800 competitors each year, and they come from far and wide to compete in more than 15 different divisions and events.

So, grab your board as we ready to ride the wave of what’s in store for 2019.

The Festival

Spanning eight days, the Noosa Festival of Surfing is renowned as the biggest surf festival in the world by competitor numbers. Held each year since the 1990s, it sees First Point the focus as competitors of all ages and surf styles take to the waves.

The event attracts international surf superstars and local legends alike, with the festival featuring grommets, grandpas, dogs, body surfers, specialty and pro divisions.

In fact, the Noosa Festival of Surfing is acclaimed as one of the most diverse surfing festivals in the world, incorporating everything from longboards to noseriders, tandem and more.

This year the World Surf League is also part of the event for the first time in nearly a decade, with the longboard world championship set to feature a field of over 60 surfers in both the men’s and women’s events.

Meanwhile, it’s not just on the water where all the action takes place.

A truly festive vibe

All eyes might be on the line-up but there’s also a wealth of action on the shoreline, with a packed agenda of entertainment and activities that embrace the truly festive vibe.

Each weekday, the morning kicks off with yoga on Main Beach out the front of Sails, then over the course of the event there are activities like sandcastle workshops, art exhibitions, surf-focused films, heritage surf walks, and even a workshop on the science of surf drones.

Of particular note is the perennially popular dog surfing event, which will take place this weekend. From 2 pm on Sunday, these avid surfers of the four-legged variety carve it up with their companions in simply spectacular style.


Throughout the event many local venues will also throw open their doors to embrace the celebration, with charitable dinners, parties, live entertainment and trivia all on the agenda.

Thomas Surfboards kicks off the festivities with the opening party this Saturday night. Sunday sees a charity dinner at Peppers, Land and Sea Breweries offers a touch of trivia on Monday, and Band of Frequencies plays Halse Lodge on Wednesday before a massive closing weekend.

The final days of the event include an Original Rock’n’Roll party at the Reef Hotel on Friday, the Café Le Monde party on Saturday and the closing party at Miss Moneypenny’s on Sunday where the first Men’s and Women’s Champion of the Noosa Open Longboard Championship will be crowned.

Full details about the events and their locations are available here.

About Noosa Quays

Located within walking distance of Noosa Main Beach and Hastings Street, Noosa Quays is a premium Noosa accommodation provider, offering deluxe apartments on the Noosa Sound waterfront.

The perfect place to relax and enjoy all the activity and excitement of the Noosa Festival of Surfing, the resort features spacious river view apartments tucked away in its own tropical gardens.

Noosa Quays shares the region’s passion for surfing and the water, with kayaks and stand-up paddleboards available for guests, and the resort even boasts its own private beach.

You can learn more about Noosa Quays or make a booking here.

Featuring fresh produce and a love for the finer things in life, Noosa boasts an enviable line-up of great eateries.

And in amongst this almost endless list of stellar dining options are some firm local favourites sought out by stalwart regulars for their welcoming vibe, excellent service and enduringly popular menus.

These are the region’s indefatigable hotspots, the jewels in the crown of the resident dining scene. If you’re looking to know where the locals go, here are our tips on how to eat like a local in Noosa.

Popular newcomers

With a climate perfectly suited to sipping pale ales, Noosa has recently warmly welcomed the arrival of its very own boutique brewery scene.

Two of the most popular are Land and Sea at Noosaville, and Copperhead at Cooroy. Both offer the opportunity to test and try in-house brews while relaxing over delectable food in funky and ambient surrounds.

Simply great food

Some restaurants feature an enviable reputation that sees their renown spread like wildfire. Rock Salt at Quamby place is among them, along with Pitchfork at Peregian Beach, and Sum Yung Guys at Sunshine Beach.

Each of these eateries is located in a warm and welcoming dining precinct and all offer a consistent commitment to quality ingredients, cooked to perfection.

The Sunday scene

A long lazy Noosa weekend deserves a long lazy lunch, and this is where Noosa’s hinterland and surrounds truly deliver.

For a casual Sunday lunch in a tropical beer garden, try the Imperial Hotel at Eumundi, or if a touch of history beckons head to Boreen Point and the Apollonian Hotel.

The Apollonian was relocated from Gympie and has its origins in gold mining times. Sunday sees this laid-back establishment serve up a sumptuous spit roast as the kids play on rolling green lawns.

Special occasions

When it comes to five-star eateries, Noosa has no shortage of venues that are locally and critically acclaimed, and many are located just a short walk from Noosa Quays.

They include Wasabi, which receives chef’s hats year-in, year-out for its Japanese-inspired menu, and Ricky’s which is also nationally recognised and industry-acclaimed.

Both restaurants feature stunning views of the Noosa River, along with beautiful ambience and immaculate décor.

Quintessential Noosa

On those stunning Noosa days when the ocean dons its azure blue and the beaches are bathed in sunlight, Main Beach is the place to be for dining in true Noosa style.

If you’re looking for the quintessential Noosa experience, Sails, and Bistro C are the pick of the venues. Both are just metres from the beachfront and offer the opportunity to watch the passing parade while enjoying fine fare against the backdrop of gentle waves.

Casual by the beach

If casual dining with a side helping of unrivalled beachfront views is the order of the day, then the region’s many surf clubs are the go-to local favs.

Sunshine Beach Surf Club tops the list, along with Noosa Surf Club at Main Beach. Both offer a warm, accommodating vibe and extensive menus. Meanwhile on the river, the sailing club features a glistening view all the way to Tewantin and the Noosa River mouth.

Fresh produce

Want to cook like a local? We’ll let you in on a little secret. Fabulous local produce is available every Sunday at the Noosa Farmer’s Markets. Located at the sporting grounds on Weyba Road, it’s a captivating mix of gourmet creations and locally grown, fresh produce.

About Noosa Quays

Noosa Quays is a premium Noosa accommodation provider, offering deluxe apartments on the Noosa Sound waterfront.

Located within easy reach of Hastings Street, Noosa River, the Noosa beaches and all the dining and activities on offer, it’s a destination that’s centrally located and easily reached.

Noosa might be world-renowned for Main Beach and endless rolling surf, but much-loved lifeblood of the local community and equally enchanting alternative to the open water is the Noosa River.

Overlooked by historic towns like Tewantin and offering twinkling vistas to the endless Noosaville eateries of Gympie Terrace, the river is the place the locals go for a relaxed day “messing about on boats”, lolling about on boogie boards and savouring the ambience with a spot of stand-up paddle boarding.

Noosa Quays Resort is fortunate enough to overlook this backyard paradise, so here’s our ultimate guide to summer activities on the Noosa River.

By ferry

If you’re seeking to get acquainted with all the blissful beauty the Noosa River affords, Noosa Ferry Company is the perfect place to start.

Stopping all along the river, the ferry operates between Noosa Marina at Tewantin and Noosa Heads. Along the way, it takes in the sailing club, numerous jetty stops and a host of nationally renowned eateries including Ricky’s, Wasabi and Rock Salt at the restaurant enclave of Quamby Place.

By boat

Dotted along the Noosa River foreshore are a host of commercial jetties where operators offer watercraft for hire, including pontoon boats.

Available for half or full-day hire, the pontoon boats are the perfect option for those looking to explore the Noosa River by themselves.

Most feature toilets and barbecues, so a full day’s outing of swimming, eating and relaxing can be enjoyed at destinations along the river that are only accessible by boat.

By board, kayak and canoe

A perennially appealing aspect of the Noosa River is that it offers sheltered, calm waters that are ideally suited to an endless array of water sports.

Kayaking, canoeing, sailing and stand-up paddle boarding are among the most popular, and any day of the year at any time of the day, you’ll likely find people on the river taking in the ambient surrounds.

At Noosa Quays we have kayaks and paddle boards readily available for guests, so you can enjoy a unique perspective of Noosa and the river from the vantage point of the water.


Ask the locals where they take their children to swim on a hot summer’s afternoon, and inevitably amongst the list of top spots is the river.

The calm waters offer the ideal location for swimmers of all ages. It’s also a prime position for families and children to play at playgrounds, stroll the foreshore, build sandcastles and enjoy a lunch or evening barbecue.


An eco-cruise

The Noosaville foreshore might be a much-loved local haunt, but river activities extend far beyond Tewantin, with a wealth of tour operators showcasing the biodiversity and ecology of the river.

Local businesses like the Discovery Group offer full and half-day tours of the river and the Everglades beyond, allowing a unique insight into the river’s flora, fauna and history.

About Noosa Quays

Noosa Quays is a premium Noosa accommodation provider, offering deluxe apartments on the Noosa Sound waterfront.

Located within easy reach of Hastings Street, Noosa River, the Noosa beaches and all the dining and activities on offer, it’s a destination that’s centrally located and easily reached.

Noosa Quays shares the region’s passion for its pristine waterways, with kayaks and stand-up paddleboards available for guests to simply walk into the waters at our doorstep and experience the beauty of Noosa from the river.

With beaches that stretch almost as far as the eye can see and surf breaks that include some of Australia’s most iconic, the Sunshine Coast offers an ideal backdrop for mastering the art of surfing.

In fact, Noosa in particular holds an important place in Australia’s surfing history and has long been regarded as one of the best venues in the country for surfers, courtesy of its wide variety of picturesque breaks.

From the rolling swell of Noosa to the wide-open waves of King’s Beach, here are the top spots and schools to learn to surf on the Sunshine Coast.


Quite simply, the Sunshine Coast features a stunning variety of beaches, with Noosa arguably at the top of the list.

Since the late 1950s, Noosa has been a focal point of both national and international surfing and is widely regarded as the first place a surfboard was used in Queensland.

Since then, its popularity has grown, with Main Beach, Little Cove, First Point, Tea Tree Bay, Granite Bay, and Alexander Bay all offering sensational swell suited to varying abilities.

The reason for Noosa’s enduring popularity is its relatively protected north facing location. Year round it tends to offer rotund, yet soft, gentle waves that are ideal for learning to surf.

Meanwhile, the natural backdrop of white beaches and pristine waters is nothing short of awe-inspiring.

For those seeking their first experience surfing, Little Cove offers a scenic destination and generally easy waves. But if you’re looking for some pro assistance, Main Beach is a great place to start.

Here, a host of surf schools run all year round. Accessed from the Noosa Woods, they are found near the Rock Wall on Main Beach.

Schools of note include:

The open beaches

From Sunshine Beach right through to Caloundra, the open beaches offer superb swell, but conditions can be more challenging and treacherous for those new to the sport of surfing.

If you’re looking to learn to surf on an open beach, Coolum offers the perfect environment. The beach here is wide and flat and located adjacent a park and shopping precinct.

Coolum Surfing School is the go-to surf school in this location, offering long board and short board surf lessons, with all equipment provided.

Further south, the surfing culture is also well and truly alive in Maroochydore, where accredited coaches at Maroochy Surf School takes advantage of quintessential Queensland surf locations like Maroochydore Beach and Mooloolaba.

Meanwhile, stunning Alexandra Headland also gets a look-in courtesy of XL Surfing Academy, who offer private classes, group classes and school holiday programs.


Like Noosa, the southern end of the Sunshine Coast is renowned for its surf culture and the Caloundra region serves up rolling breaks in spades.

From Dicky Beach to Happy Valley and Currimumdi, the southern beaches offer a variety of aspects that ensure there’s always suitable conditions to be found which are perfect for beginners.

Taking full advantage of this variety is Caloundra Surfing School, who take the pick of the beaches to host their surf schools on any given day.

About Noosa Quays

Located within walking distance of the Noosa River, Noosa Quays is a premium Noosa accommodation provider, offering deluxe apartments on the waterfront at Noosa Sound.

Within easy reach of Hastings Street, Noosa River, the Noosa beaches and all the dining and activities on offer, it’s a destination that’s centrally located and easily reached.