Walk, run, bike or swim…

…in the Noosa Ultimate Sports Festival

Whether you’re a cyclist, runner, swimmer or just cheering someone on, you are sure to find something fun to do here at Noosa Ultimate Sports Festival. The Noosa Heads competitions kick off on 23 May with Swim Noosa, where swimmers will dive in for a swim in some of the most beautiful blue waters anywhere in the world. Swimmers can choose to swim in 3.8km, 2k, 1km and 500m races.

Take in all the scenic views Noosa has to offer from the seat of your bike. On 24 May, the Subaru Cycle Noosa will be held, allowing cyclists two distance options: 160km and 85km. No matter what your distance preference is, get out there and experience these scenic courses designed to not only impress your legs but also your eyes.

If you’re a runner at heart, you’re going to love Run Noosa. This event brings everyone together for a fun event that promises plenty of surprises. Test your limits in the half marathon challenge or go for 10km or 5 km run. Bring the whole family and complete the 5km at a leisurely walk.

If you’re planning to attend Noosa Ultimate Sports Festival, rest and refuel at Noosa Quays. During the month of May, we will be offering a special savings of up to 20%. As our gorgeous resort undergoes some refurbishments, we are offering visitors the opportunity to stay at absolute waterfront for just $200 a night for seven days.

Your enjoyment is our priority. Therefore, there will be no early morning construction noise, and work will not continue on the weekends. Plan a special holiday and enjoy everything that Noosa Quays has to offer at a great price. Contact us to book your Noosa apartment stay now!