Stand up paddle surfing

Get on board with a new hobby…

…that’s blissful to the core

It’s no secret that Noosa is known around Australia as a surfer’s paradise. In fact, even where the waters are calm and serene, you can still see boards everywhere. Whether on sweeping waves or smooth waters, our abundance of lakes, canals and river here make it a prime location for all sorts of water sports.

In the 1950’s, it is said that a group of surfers were watching tourists in Waikiki, near Honolulu, as they tried to learn to surf. The surfers stood on their boards and began taking pictures of the entertaining tourists, who likely had never been on a board before. When they did this, they realised how much their visibility increased, and thus, “SUP-ing,” or stand up paddling, was born.

In the year 2000, there was an extended period of flat surf which encouraged more people to try SUP-ing when they couldn’t surf. The result was a surge in this core body workout.

Today, most boat and surf board hire businesses, scattered throughout Noosa, offer stand up paddle hire. If you haven’t learned the sport but are looking for the perfect place to learn, Noosa is ideal. Its abundance of calm waters makes learning easier, and allows you to go at a more comfortable pace than in the ocean. The best part is, once you learn, you can take your board almost anywhere to practice the sport! Noosa Stand Up Paddle and Stand Up Paddle Surf both offer lessons for a variety of ages and skillsets, so you can pick up a new hobby that allows you to see every inch of the blissful waters from the best vantage point you can have.

If you’re looking to spend a weekend learning how to SUP, you couldn’t find a better launching spot than Noosa Quays resort. Because all but one room are directly waterfront, you’ll have the freedom to take your board out anytime the waters call. The oversized balconies attached to each luxury apartment allow you to overlook family and friends as they practice too! Noosa Quays private beach is also just a few minutes from popular Hasting Street and Noosa’s Main Beach, so you’re tucked away in paradise just minutes from the action. For full details and images of our individual rooms, click here Noosa apartments


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