Spend a day on the beautiful Noosa River

Cruise the day away…

…with friends on Noosa River

If you stand close enough to the shores in Noosa, you’re sure to hear the waters calling. The pristine turquoise waters, salt water breezes and the abundant wildlife are sure to have you hooked. But, what if you don’t have a boat? There’s no need to worry with the area’s local resources, as a quick trip for a rental, or a simple visit online, is all that’s needed for a day on the gorgeous waters.

In fact, at Boab Boat Hire, you can pre-rent a boat, and they will then moor it near your accommodations at Noosa Quays! With Noosa Quays stunning water front views from almost every room, one is sure to find serenity in the natural surroundings. Boab Boat Hire can help you get prepared for your day on the water, too. If you have yet to get your boating license, they offer courses to help you prepare. Note: a boating license is required for all rentals in Queensland. The first time you hire a boat through the company, they also hold a safety briefing. Boab offers full day rentals in advance, and you can pick up as early as sunrise. For half day rentals, the company encourages customers to call directly (1300 00 2622) on the day of for availability.

O Boat Hire, another local rental company, takes boating rentals to the next level by offering “barbecue boats” so you can grill your favourite sausages while cruising the waters. They also offer a full range of rentals including jet skis, pontoons and kayaks.

T Boat Hire offers jet skis, kayaks, pontoons and stand-up paddle boats as well, while U Drive Noosa Boat Hire provides an abundance of options for those with no experiences or licenses. Pelican Boat Hire is another local gem that provides “barbecue boats,” with up to 21 seats on some boats.

If you’re looking for an ideal place to stay during your boating adventures, consider Noosa Quays, where you can moor your boat near the private beach. To book your Noosa luxury accommodation with waterfront views, call Glenn or Suzie on 07 5449 2699 or email

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